Here at TF Chemtex Ltd we really care about how we collect, process and store the details and data you provide us.

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and making it very easy for you to understand what we do with your information. Below, we have written in "plain english", as to try and not confuse or mislead in anyway. 

We manage our email marketing lists, store your information and securely dispose of unnecessary / out of date information in-line with GDPR guidelines, GDPR stands for General Data protection Regulation, and is a document / guideline written and enforce by the EU to ensure that should for whatever reason some of your data be leaked by any third party, it is fully traceable and you would be notified as quickly as possible.  

First of all - Remember you always have the Right to be forgotten!

We take out customers personal data very seriously, should you wish to be forgotten and we have no valid reason to store your data we will aim to honour your request. Please send us an email and we will take action required.